Zion to Grand Teton National Parks

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About Me

I love vistas…and photos that tell stories. I guess you could call me a landscape photographer, but since I don’t do this for a living (at least not yet), I target my photos on places I like to travel to. My wife and I have a deal…we go to places with great vistas, and I can take all the time I need to set up and take photos during sunrise, sunset and for astrophotography. The rest of the time is hers! I’m still learning how to compose a great photo, but with the advent of digital photography, even a blind squirrel can find a nut if you give him enough time and tries. I welcome all comments/suggestions/criticism (keep it clean, please!). And, if you want to download my photos, please just ask. I’ll probably be thrilled that someone is interested! You can contact me at bcrairemail-slickpic(at)yahoo.com.

(Oh, and BTW, if you want to see higher resolution photos (and the details on those photos), please check out my portfolio by clicking on the "My Portfolio" link above. Enjoy!)


Mormon Row @sunset, Grand Teton National Park, WY, USA

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